Wings recognition program

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The Calgary Mosquito Society is excited to offer our sponsors with a special, tiered recognition program, known as the Wings Program, which has been divided into five levels:

Platinum Wings - $200,000+
Golden Wings - $60,000+
Silver Wings - $25,000+
Bronze Wings - $5,000+
Wooden Wings - $2,500+

We appreciate every financial donation* and recognize them on our website, but Wings-level sponsors receive additional recognition for going above and beyond. Donations do not have to be provided in a lump-sum. Letters of commitment for ongoing contributions will count towards Wings sponsorship and the restoration of the airplanes.

Thanks to our involvement in public speaking, exposure at the BCMoC, and through various media and internet outlets, the CMS experiences an annual exposure of approximately 30,000 views. In addition, the CMS participates in several Alberta air shows and trades shows that boost this number by several thousand per event. The bi-annual Airdrie Airshow for example, brings an added exposure of almost 30,000 people. Over a five year period, we estimate 225,000 views, with a legacy exposure of 20,000 per year.

In order to promote our Wings sponsors' contributions their name or logo placed on:

  • our website,
  • public speaking presentation materials,
  • our newsletter,
  • display boards during restoration,
  • display boards at public events,
  • permanent recognition on the plaques that will accompany both airplanes after they're placed on public display.
Additional promotions may be considered and we welcome our supporter's suggestions.

* The CMS will automatically adjust a supporter's recognition level should their contributions exceed a level's threshold.

Platinum Wings

Gold Wings

Silver Wings

Bronze Wings

Wood Wings