On July 21, 1996, Mosquito RR299 crashed during an air show and deprived the people of England of one of the greatest symbols of victory - a flying Mosquito.

Thanks to the determination and hard work of New Zealand's Glynn Powell its now possible to build brand-new wooden airframes for the Mosquito, until recently something considered fantasy. Now there are four Mosquitoes destined to return to the skies. The latest, and most exciting of these aircraft will return to the skies over England.

In December 2011, a group of enthusiasts began using social media (Facebook, Twitter and their own blog) to find other Mosquito enthusiasts. Calling themselves The People's Mosquito, the group received a huge boost when the remains of a Mosquito were donated to the group.

One of the last piston-powered night fighters in the RAF their Mosquito, NF.36 RL249, crashed at RAF Coltishall in 1949. It burned during the accident and was buried, only to be unearthed in 2006.

Discover more about this ambitious project by visiting their blog at The People's Mosquito.

(The Peoples's Mosquito)