KA999, the last B.25 model manufactured in Canada, was also one of the earliest Mosquitoes to enter the civil registry, purchased by Luis Struck of Mexicana de Aerofoto S.A. in either late 1945, or early 1946.

On January 19, 1946, RCAF ace Don MacFadyen ferried KA999 from Jarvis to Oshawa, ON, where preparations were made to ferry the aircraft to Mexico. The Mexican registration of XB-HOB was applied, but the plane seems to have simply disappeared at the point. Norm Malayney discovered that Luis Struck was killed in an airplane crash, with one source stating the aircraft was a B-25. Could KA999/XB-HOB have been ended up destroyed in a fatal crash, misidentified as a North American B-25 Mitchell and not a de Havilland Mosquito B.25?

Like several otehr Canadian-built Mosquitoes, KA999 was to be exported. Some became racers, others headed to China. Could KA999 have been destined for life as a high-speed freighter? (unknown)

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About the last B.25 model manufactured in Canada, here is a picture of the accident of the XB-HOB near Mexico City Airport.

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(Manuel Guajardo via Carlos Rojas)