I'm sure every special-interest group has is own special get-togethers, their own clubs and parties. In aviation it holds true. When the ice closes the lakes there's freeze up parties. When the ice leaves the lake there are break up parties. Fly-ins, air shows, conventions, $100 hamburgers - anything can be an excuse for a party.

Fresh off the City Council's decision to retain both the Mosquito and the Hurricane, the Mosquito Society threw its own party - the 2011 Mossie Mixer. It was a complete success. A capacity crowd of 85 enjoyed dinner and drinks, participated in a silent auction and enjoyed a passionate telling of the F-for-Freddie story by our President, Richard de Boer.

Congratulations to the Mossie Mixer organizers and a big thank you to everyone who donated auction and door prizes. You made the first annual Mossie Mixer a terrific evening for everyone.

With spirits raised by City Council's decision to keep their airplanes, tickets to the first Mossie Mixer quickly sold out. In fact the demand was so great that the organizers added an additional 30 seats. (Peter Cromer)

Dinner was over and the dishes cleared, it was time for the evening's entertainment. CMS President Richard de Boer shared the F-for-Freddie story, a story that he's spent more than 30 years researching. Amazingly, Richard finished retelling the entertaining, yet tragic story well before dawn. (Peter Cromer)

Hand-in-hand with the passionate telling of the F-for-Freddie story by Richard de Boer (right), CMS member and aviation artist Allan Botting (left) unveiled his latest artwork - Freddie buzzing downtown Calgary. According to Allan, prints will soon be available. (Peter Cromer)

In attendance were four City Aldermen, including Stevenson (left) and Carra (right). It was an excellent opportunity for the council members to learn just how passionate CMS members and our supporters truly are. (Peter Cromer)