While searching through a collection of old magazines, a volunteer at Toronto's Canadian Air & Space Museum discovered this one-page treasure. (Canadian Air & Space Museum)

Volunteers from de Havilland Canada disassembled and prepared CF-HMS for its trip from Ottawa to Calgary on the back of a Canadian National train. (Calgary Aerospace Museum Association)

Upon arriving in Calgary, CF-HMS was placed into open storage inside a petrolium pipe storage yard belonging to Shell Canada. Use of this facility had been arranged with the famous RAF Battle of Britain ace Douglas Bader. Bader was head of Shell's aviation department and visited Calgary several times for the dedication of roads to his wingman (William McKnight) and his fitter (Neil Barlow). (Calgary Aerospace Museum Association)

Before its sale to Lynn Garrison, CF-HMS had sat unused for at least one year. Because the cockpit instruments, specialized camera gear and Merlin engines still had some value Spartan removed them before the sale. (Calgary Aerospace Museum Association)

Weather-beaten but intact, CF-HMS's rear fuselage shows signs of several fabric repairs. (Calgary Aerospace Museum Association)