It's hard to believe that it's been a little over two years since the Calgary Mosquito Society was formed, and almost a full decade since the City of Calgary's Mosquito and Hurricane were last seen in public.

As you're all aware, the battle to gain stewardship of these two airplanes led to a very heated political battle, one that saw the issue brought up in numerous newspaper and website articles, letters to the editors, television segments, etc. We pleaded our case in front of Calgary City Council several times, and even turned it into a bit of a municipal election issue. We're pleased to announce that on December 8th the Community and Protective Services Committee voted unanimously in favour of not only keeping both aircraft, but to place them into the care of a local volunteer-based organization and to support them with a dollar-for-dollar matching up to a maximum of $800,000. The matter will go before the entire City Council to be ratified early in the New Year.

One of our members said, "Getting the politicians to make a decision will be our biggest challenge." It's great that they made their decision, and that it was in our favour. With the worst of the politics behind us we can move forward and begin thinking about restoration.

Over the past two years many of you have come out to general meetings, to membership drives, or manned our booths at air shows and events throughout Alberta. We'd certainly miss many names, but on behalf of everyone in the Society we want to express our heart-felt thanks.

We would also like to thank those companies which have, without us even having an airplane, offered their support. It's fantastic that there's so much interest in these planes.

In the coming months, we expect that City Council will accept the Committee's recommendation and we'll be looking at relocating both aircraft from the City's warehouse to the Bomber Command Museum of Canada in the spring. It's from here that we'll begin the task of cataloging both airplanes, determining what work needs to be done, and developing our plan of action. Imagine the day when we will all enjoy the sound of seven Merlin engines running in downtown Nanton (four on the Lancaster, two on the Mosquito and one on the Hurricane).

You should also have noticed that the entire Mosquito Society website has changed. Our 'web guy' called the previous versions our 'war pages' - something quick and dirty to give the Society a presence on the worldwide web. This new version will hopefully keep members and non-members up to date with progress reports on the restorations, Society events, and an assortment of stories related to the Mosquito, the Hurricane and aerial survey in general - fulfilling our Honour and Educate mandates.

2011 will be another busy year, full of fundraisers, planning and restoration. We'll continue to need your memberships and donations so please remember to renew yours and continue to spread the word - we're going to have airplanes to restore.

The Calgary Mosquito Society

Our partners, The Bomber Command Museum of Canada, held Lancaster engine runs several times throughout the summer and everytime volunteers manned the CMS booth. (Peter Cromer)

One of the most anticipated events of 2010 occured on July 15th - the relocation of the Mosquito and Hurricane from a warehouse in the Sunnyside neighbourhood to another in Northeast Calgary. CMS members Peter Cromer and Richard de Boer chased the Mosquito across town on two truckloads. It was the first 'public' showing of the planes in almost a decade. (CMS/Peter Cromer)

On July 17th, CMS Board member Barry Davidson and his family hosted a Stampede picnic. Members were given a chance to meet, mingle and enjoy a beautiful afternoon of fellowship. Here, Board member Scott McTavish partakes in one of the many horseback rides. (CMS/Peter Cromer)

Thanks to the support of the Canadian Business Aviation Association, the CMS was able to setup a booth at this year's CBAA annual convention. The draw, and number of new members the CMS was able to attract thanks to this event was astronomical. CMS members Jack McWilliams (left) and Richard de Boer (right) were on hand to pass out information brochures and to answer questions. Notice the improved display board. (CMS/Peter Cromer)

The CMS spread the word during two large aviation draws - the Alberta International Air Show in Lethbridge and the Wetaskiwin Air Show. Peter Cromer snapped a photo of our booth in Lethbridge, just a stone's throw from a C-17 Globemaster III. (CMS/Peter Cromer)

Triumph - about half of the CMS representatives and supporters on hand for the December 8th Community and Protective Services meeting. (Left to right) Peter Cromer, Nicolas Lutsch, Scott McTavish, Trevor McTavish, Richard de Boer and Roy Riddle. Missing from the photo; Robyn Maerz, Keith Holden, Trisha Holden, Peter Walker, Barry Davidson and Bob O'Connor. (CMS/Peter Cromer)