Make a Donation

How do you turn 50 cents into $2.30?

An amazing fund raising arrangement:

Ancient alchemists dreamt of finding a way to turn lead into gold - that's impossible - but we've found the next best thing.

Thanks to the City of Calgary's fund matching every dollar you donate doubles; $50 becomes $100, $500 becomes $1,000. That's amazing, but there's more.

Donations made through ATB Financial will receive an additional 15% match. So now your $1 donation becomes $1.15, which the City of Calgary matches to become $2.30. Your CRA tax donation will return 50% of your donation. That means you'll only have spent 50 cents! That's beyond amazing - that's almost alchemy!

Make your donation by visiting ATB Cares.

The goal of the Calgary Mosquito Society is to raise a total of $1.6-million dollars to cover the restoration of both the Mosquito and Hurricane airplanes, and our educational programs. This value includes cash donations, donations in kind, as well as credit for volunteer labour expended during the restorations.

Donations needed: $1,600,000

Donations received: $1,630,000

To send cheques or money orders (in Canadian funds), please ensure they're made payable to the Calgary Mosquito Society. They can be sent by regular post to the address below.

The Calgary Mosquito Society
(C.O. Richard de Boer, President)
#1021, 3235 - 56th Street N.E.
Calgary, AB, T1Y 2X7